In or Near Retirement

Your financial plan should evolve just as your life does. It is our mission to be there for you as your life and your needs change.

Here are some common concerns that are often relevant at this stage of life:

  • Should I pay off my mortgage?
  • How do I determine the most appropriate choice to make regarding social security and/or my company pension?
  • I’d like to help my grandchildren with their education needs. What are my choices of how to do that? How can I avoid the “gift tax?”
  • Is it really necessary to have a will? What should I be concerned about if I do not have one in place? I love my children, but they are all different and have very different needs. How do I factor all these variables into my will?
  • My favorite charity has sent me information about planned giving. What does this mean? I would like to help them out, but I’m not sure how to contribute to serve both their needs and my own.

The Person With a Plan Wins